It's black! It's white! It's tough for you! yea yea yea...

Yep! New pages are black n' white!!!

Michael Jackson puns aside. Allow me to explain...

KotW is a two man team. Kenneth Devon Burns (me), and Delbert (Del) Hewitt jr. as illustrator. Although writing and researching is a task all it's own, it's still one hat that I wear proudly. Del on the other hand has to wear many hats. Illustrator, Colorist, Letterer, etc. 

This takes a lot of time away from a man with two jobs and 4 kids as you'd imagine. We thought it would be best to release one page (minimum) per week so that there is always content available. We sadly had to fire Del the 'colorist". Never fear though. Soon we will have color pages following up their non-color versions. There won't be a time table on this but we will be sure to post the news on Instagram, Twitter and right here on KotW's homepage.

Our colorist will be, Nitrox Marquez who colored most of chapter 1 and 2. He is awesome and we are glad to have him back for chapter 4! 

Check out more of his work over at Deviant art: